In April 2008, on a bored afternoon, I started writing a blog. I called it My Jhola–after the cloth carry-all totes I used to carry everywhere back then–the blog was meant to be a sort of miscellaneous bag, too. It carried stories from my recently married life, my discoveries in the kitchen I set up on my own and when I had children, it became a nappy bag of sorts, carrying motherhood stuff from the discovery of a pregnancy to parenting guilt trips.

By 2018, I had left my e-learning life way behind and found my feet as a writer and culinary consultant–in 10 years, I had two published books under my arm, a desire to return to writing (not just food-related) and if not anything else, just age–it now seems like the Jhola is fraying at the edges.

So, I figured, it is probably time for me to put My Jhola away and just be me. Welcome to www.saeekhandekar.com Stay awhile; I’ll put the kettle on for tea.


Picture courtesy Vikram Moghe (vikrammoghe.com)

Saee Koranne-Khandekar writes. She is the author of two books, has been featured in an anthology of short stories for children, and her work has appeared in several magazines, literary journals, and online publications.

Saee also publishes Diwali Pangat, an online, bilingual Diwali Ank (Diwali special magazine) dedicated to Maharashtrian cuisines and runs Scrollific Content Studio, a content and consultancy firm dedicated to the Food and Hospitality industry

Saee lives in Mumbai with her husband, three children, and her beloved plants.