Crumbs! was my first commissioned cookbook, and was published by Hachette India in May 2016. I had been teaching bread making for a while, and realized that there was a clear need for a book catering to the specific questions revolving around bread making in the Indian context—can one use Atta or Maida to make bread? What yeast is the best option? How must one approach a bread recipe in the context of the country’s varying humidity levels?


There were also bread-related stories waiting to be told—of the Irani  cafes and their Pao, the humble Bhakri my grandmother’s nanny made in her little hut, the legendary Kulcha, and more. Crumbs! gave me the opportunity to talk about all these and more.


Since its release, Crumbs! has been reprinted more than once and is available at all leading bookstores and online.