Gun point and consequences

Sunday was so good, it’s taken me until Wednesday to write about it. It all started like this—I had been watching and reading about husbands cooking for their wives and the fact that MK hadn’t even boiled an egg for me in our almost 3 year-old marriage was getting to me.

So one such frustrated afternoon, I called him up at work and told him (at gun point) that he’s cooking the Sunday lunch. Full meal. No takeaway. From scratch. I was expecting resistance with every added condition; but what I got was cool and pleasant agreement. There’s got to be a catch, I thought. And I even got a little worried about where things were headed when he pulled out the cookbooks and fussed over ingredients and flavor combinations (would you believe that?!) Then, when we had a late Saturday night, I thought the plan was off. That tomorrow would be another Sunday pizza lunch. But, who knew!

The day started quite late, but you should have seen the man! He dashed off even before a cup of tea to get his lamb. A quick marinade done, out he was again, procuring the nuts, milk, and other ingredients.

“Want me to chop some onions?” I asked in expectation of attention and flowery refrains of how great a cook and homemaker I am. But it just wasn’t my day. He didn’t even let me peel the blanched almonds! What kind of person doesn’t let others do blanched-almond-peeling?

The recipes at hand were elaborate—Lamb korma and an Almond and Jaggery phirni. At about two in the afternoon, after having checked on the kitchen proceedings every half an hour, I finally suggested that we do our regular Sunday pizza lunch and push the MK lunch to dinner. (Thank god.) Because the lamb took hours to cook and the phirni needed to be well-chilled.

But everything was worth the wait. And more. You should have sunk your teeth into that succulent, juicy lamb. It was among the best I’ve ever eaten. Mildly spiced, with a wonderful stew of raisins and walnuts, it just hit the right spot. And the phirni? Ooooooh, the phirni! I officially declare that I give up on making phirni for the rest of my life in honor of this one.

I’m not going to put up the recipes and pictures in this post in the hope that MK will, someday, get down to writing the guest post that I’m trying to get him to write. Just wanted to let the world know that sometimes, gun point could help discover a new angle to marriage!

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